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Amtrak Train Status Map

Want to know the current on-time status of any train on the system? Here is the link.

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  1. bossyman15 says:

    dang i see one train is 5 hours and 19 mins late

    i feel sorry for any persons on that train.

  2. ebgodard says:

    This is just classic. I can not get status because this site is down for 3 days.. My daughter is stuck on aces from Atlantic city to penn. a 2 1/2 hour trip which likely will take 4 1/2. She has missed 2 connections to Boston. Neither amtrak, NJ transit or Aces can tell me where her train is exactly or when her train will actually arrive at Penn Central so she can book a later train. I have never spoken to more incompetent, lazy, uninformed people in my life. And we wonder why 1) we have the worst rail system in the world, and 2) why no professional person should ever consider the train if they hope to remain on schedule. and my daughter paid hundreds of dollars for this nightmare. The acela from Boston to NY obn friday was 45 minutes late. How does that happen? And she paid a premium.

  3. David Gunn says:

    ACES is run using NJT crews and equipment over a nearly-all-NJT route, so blaming Amtrak is misplaced.

  4. Steve says:

    Blaming Amtrak is NOT misplaced.

    We would never let Boeing just shrug their shoulders if one of their plane models consistently crashed because of a bad component manufactured by a subcontractor/supplier. It is Boeing’s responsibility to specify meaningful performance criteria and consistently assure that their supplier meets or exceeds that performance criteria.

    It is Amtrak’s problem if they can’t “strap on a pair” and properly contract/manage their suppliers. If they need more regulatory authority to negotiate enforceable service level agreements, then they need to “strap on a pair” and go to Congress for appropriate legislation.

    It is all about incompetent leadership.

  5. David Gunn says:

    Your Boeing analogy reinforces my point. If USAirways crashes 737s through operator error, than blaming Boeing is misplaced. To blame Amtrak for NJT’s problems with ACES is foolish, as this is simply not Amtrak’s responsibility.

  6. Can I go from CA to Fl by AmTrak

  7. Want to go from CA to FLorida by AmTrak Can I do it

  8. Woody says:

    Marlene — Not exactly. The Sunset Limited will take you to New Orleans three days a week. Then rent a car. Or take the Crescent to D.C., get off and transfer to a train from the Northeast heading to Florida.

    If Amtrak could order a few hundred new railcars to grow and restart service on its many discontinued lines …

    Tell your Congresscritter that HSR is good, but more and better Amtrak is also good.

  9. Anonymous says:

    For the Stupid Person that says that Amtrak is not doing their Job, is that I challenge and dare that person to be around trains through the worst Storms. Therefore, That Stupid Person has no clue about Rail Service other 3rd World Countries. then again, living on the East Cost, why would that Snob Surprise me?

  10. It is Amtrak’s problem if they can’t “strap on a pair” and properly contract/manage their suppliers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. jason says:

    Seems like a great service to me. They have it for planes, so why not trains right?

    train horn

  12. Bud Brewer says:

    I have a question rather than a reply to a posted entry. I have noticed that there are several tunnels already completed in the Donner Pass area. All are unused. Why not incorporate these into a Sacramento – Reno electric train service.. Ski areas could be featured, and a connection service to San Francisco Bay area via Sacramento might be feasible. Lets use what already exists and create a rail service to the more popular ski areas, taking the pressure off Interstate 80, and perhaps make Reno more attractive to weekend gamblers and party seekers.

  13. FRANK says:

    East Coaster all full of being Snobs. they love to blame Amtrak for delays that’s likewise be-on their control. normally, it is the Single that is out, a switch that broke. and wost, derailment or had to take off a rude like passenger for misconduct.
    Therefore, I challenge that snob person to drive and see where they are tied up in Traffic. people driving like 90 mph and causing crashes and tie up. or better yet. how about being tied up at Stupid Airports. all kinds of delays and cancellation. Post 911 Security tied up. and delays like crazy. That stupid women from the east coast, should apply at Amtrak, and try to boss those union people around. and it would likewise make manners worst. That person never reads article about Airline Travel turning into Nightmares. and it had gotten worst Post 911 and almost 9 years ago. That being said. no Transportation in the world is 100% perfect and that goes 100% for the stupid Airlines. I met a neat a Airline Employee and even he said that we need better Amtrak Service. as fair at the lazy Amtrak Employee. that person does not have to wait on rude snob east coast people.

  14. Pierre A Plauzoles says:

    David Gunn has a very valid point. Why blame someone for what someone else is doing (or has done)? Last I heard, New Jersey Transit is not — and more likely than not, never will be — an Amtrak subsidiary agency. If someone is on the warpath and wants someone to blame for some problem or other, I won’t get in the way, but I will say something like “Pick the right agency.” Those who blame Amtrak for what someone else is doing that is totally out of Amtrak’s control are wasting their time — and make themselves look bad and should do their homework a little better before letting off steam. What this poster said is like blaming Bekins or North American Moving and Storage for losing the furniture that was transported by Starving Students Movers. In other words, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The entire rail system in the US is behind the power curve. Many of the Amtrak routes travel on systems with single tracks causing them to have to wait until the track is clear to move. In Europe, especially Germany, the major routes are a double track system, allowing for more efficient use of the system. There, if the schedule says they leave at 12:01, you had better be on the train or be left behind. Passenger service is VERY punctual and very good. If we want more people to use the train, then we need to improve the infrastructure and insist on the trains being on time so traverlers can depend on being where they are supposed to be.

  16. PV says:

    We (United States),needs to own it`s own rails. Not leasing them! And what happened to Amtrak going to Cheyenne Whyoming ? I used to go to Cheyenne, shop antiques for a day, then go back to Omaha Ne. You can not go there anymore? The Trains are not fun anymore! I can`t afford a Vacation Trip. Going to Cheyenne was fun! Everything today is about $$$$

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