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Some stimulus money will spead sprawl

Today’s New York Times has a thoughtful story on the negative consequences bound to arise from the use of stimulus money for projects that will ultimately harm the environment and make us more gasoline dependent. This is exactly what the AIG cousins of the highway lobby foresee for an economically subservient America.

Texas plans to spend $181 million of its federal stimulus money on building a 15-mile, four-lane toll road — from Interstate 10 to Highway 290 and right through the prairie — that will eventually form part of an outer beltway around greater Houston called the Grand Parkway.

The road exemplifies an unintended effect of the stimulus law: an administration that opposes suburban sprawl is giving money to states for projects that are almost certain to exacerbate it.


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Atlanta Amtrak doings

TFA readers are getting in the habit of sending tips about rail passenger items of regional interest. Thanks! This one comes from Atlanta.

Not sure if you follow Track 29, but this was an interesting 3-part analysis on the Issues in Atlanta regarding claiming rights-of-way for local transit perhaps at the expense of inter-city rail.

The bottom line is that Atlanta DOT and Amtrak backed off. Matt presents what appear to be some good alternatives if the beltline is realized.

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