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China will have world’s fastest train by 2012

China Daily has a rather comprehensive story. This makes one wonder what the United States would be like to day if the buggy whip makers, horse carriage manufacturers, stage coach operators and blacksmith’s lobbyists had strangled the development ot auto technology at every turn. We would be knee deep on horse poop and still chugging along at 10 mph. And we’re still headed in that direction.

In standard English, the coridor is 818 miles long and the trains will operate at 212 mph. It’s about like Washington D. C. to Orlando. Now, wrap your brain around that.

And yes, conservative clock-stoppers, it is still faster to fly the entire corridor, but people do not travel the entire corridor. It’s cities like Savannah, Richmond and Jacksonville.

BEIJING — Trains on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad under construction will run at 350 km per hour, the fastest in the world, said Li Heping, a researcher at the China Academy of Railway Sciences on Friday.

The 1,318-km-long railway line, with a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, will beat the fastest rails in the world at present, which has a designed speed of 320 kilometers per hour, he said.

Trains will take less than five hours to make the run from the capital to Shanghai, which is now at least 11 hours.


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