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  1. FRANK says:

    “As I write this note. “I keep reading wise cracks remarks stating “whom would ride the High-Speed Trains?”With no future due, with that Attitude, that will prove a point. while Milwaukee Bus Service is fair. Downtown Hotels is close to the Amtrak Station off St Paul av”

    “Madison Transit sucks, Never have I seen a Transit Bus, if not going to the Damn Shopping Centers”

    “Therefore, no thanks to the late Milwaukee going bankrupt in the 70’s the Tracks in Madison is long gone, build over the right a way and Bike Trails” I-39-I90-I94 has Traffic Jams”

    “and with that in mind, like a-lot of cities, Madison has it shares of Burbs, with no Transit, to Discriminate to keep different types out in less they have the correct Income and Private Cars”

    “Not that I agree with the Gov. but, all of these cities have their own Burbs with no Transit, therefore, how are people to get around once getting to their stops? Including Eau Clare and Lacrosse”

    “Lacrosse is 140 South-East of St Paul, and then 140 NW of Madison. and then another 140 Miles to Chicago, and once into the Chicago Metro, nothing but, IL Farm Land and finally yes, the Burbs and O’hare Airport”

    “Oh yes, how many Idiots Rail Fans will be out Tress-passing taking Photos. and what about Homeland Security?”

    “Again, I am for better Amtrak Service. this High-Speed is not high speed if some towns will they Whine with no stops in their towns when hardly anyone gets on and/or off, what a waste of time”

    “The Amtrak that sucks is from Chicago to Indianapolis is 5 hours. I live in St Paul, and for me to Drive to Indianapolis with-in the Speed Limit and a couple of rest stops is about 10 hours. Therefore, being about 6.5 hours to the Chicago Burbs”

    “Chicago says 55 mph, while everyone including cops are going 70 mph.
    Therefore, making your time perfect, provided getting around rush hours”

    “If the CP Rail up Graded their line to double tacks from Chicago to St Paul, then then the Amtrak Empire Builder could make it in 7 hours.
    People. that is downtown to downtown, not burbs to burbs”

    “Only if their is decent and Safe Transit in these cities where it suppose to stop will High speed trains work”

    “Future-more, one retired Amtrak agent said, what is wrong with Amtrak Midway? now Minneapolis will scram and whine for their own Station”

    “only delaying the Trains. Anticipating Fright Traffic”

    I welcome any comments, I have no problem with being edited, however, I want any connection with a Positive Attitude. after all., I am just giving out the Touch.

    Thank you.

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