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National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled, Despite Political Roadblocks | Reuters

The study says the four most suitable routes for high-speed rail, based on potential demand, are New York to Washington, Philadelphia to Washington, Boston to New York and Baltimore to New York. Todorovich noted that incoming New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports high-speed rail.

Other areas the study considers ripe for high-speed rail are the Chicago region and the Los Angeles and Bay areas of California.

Pretty amazing stuff.

So, if I get this right, the four best potential HSR corridors are all located on the northeast corridor where Amtrak owns the tracks and never exceeds 130 mph. I do agree that the arrival of Republicans in Washington will tend to focus HSR development into more favorable regions. That is a good thing.

Those of us in middle America should not be too upset that the most densely populated portion of the country would gain the most from the development of HSR. Still, we need better transportation out here in the sticks and much faster trains (say 90 or even 110 mph) would make a big difference.

It is a good read.

National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled, Despite Political Roadblocks | Reuters.

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