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Passenger rail expansion possible at Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is a logical hub. Texas tramnsportation officials are talking, but that is easy. The Star-Telegram carries the story.

Fort Worth is part of a federally designated South Central High Speed Corridor, which envisions speedy trains connecting not only Texas cities but also Little Rock and Tulsa. For more than a decade, Congress provided scarcely any funding for high speed rail but in October it set aside $1.5 billion for high speed rail and invited states and private developers to bid for the funding.

Rail advocates say trains could travel up to 110 mph on existing rail corridors running parallel to freight lines or up to 200 mph on elevated or fenced tracks.

Amtrak operates daily service from Fort Worth to San Antonio and from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City. But the trains can travel no more than 79 mph. A trip from Fort Worth to Austin is 3  1/2 hours by road or four hours, 20 minutes by Amtrak.

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2 Responses

  1. deacon says:

    They have been talking for more than a decade, it’s just that South West airlines keep bribing….erm sorry lobbying…. them to just talk. Any HSR system in either the form of the Texas T-Bone or Texas Triangle or the south West HSR Corridor as the government has envisioned would directly cut into SWA travel market share. Thats why they killed the idea in the 90’s and why they will keep trying to do so in the years to come. Personally I think flying from DFW to Austin is a waste of time and effort. I’d rather drive. It takes the same time driving. Be at the Airport 2 hours before hand fly 1 hour get to where you wanna be in austin 30 – 40 minutes. I can drive there with less hassle.

  2. Sean says:

    Very true, Deacon. I’ve lived in Europe (military) and the light rail systems are amazing! You really don’t need a car…much like NYC. A high speed rail is just a pipe dream with all the backwards thinking Texans.

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