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Mr. Biden goes to Washington

You need to read this one. It is actually a very touching commentary on the Vice-President-elect.

End of an Era for ‘Amtrak Man’ Biden 


After 36 years of regular rail travel, U.S. vice president-elect Joseph Biden, 66, the so-called “Amtrak man,” has decided to stop commuting by train.Mr. Biden, who served as senator for Delaware, has caught the Amtrak train in Wilmington, Delaware for the 90-minute, 402 km commute to Washington almost every day for 36 years.


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  1. Barry Grossman says:

    I am one of those fortunate enough to have enjoyed the ride many times with Sen. Biden during the eighties and early ninties. I use the phrase “enjoyed” because that is exactly how I would charecterize every moment sitting accross or next to him each and every trip we made together.

    I was out there on business from Chicago each time and while he and I would converse on many subjects including not just politics but family and business, as well as Antrak. I always found him to be genuine and thoughtful, while often being candid and forthcomming. I sometimes did not agree with him but his opinion was always thoughtful, and I remember at least on two occasions we would run into each other and he would say to me “Ya know, I looked into some details about ______ and I was wrong. You were right about…..”

    That takes the cake! If that doesn’t tell you something about the man…nothing does.

    Finaly…he is how he appears to be. A regular guy.

    Barry Grossman

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