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San Fran (of course) wants TWO HSR routes

TFA just simply loves California. Why not?

Here is the latest twist from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bay Area transportation leaders today endorsed a future statewide high-speed rail system with two routes through the region: one that runs through the East Bay and over the Altamont Pass and another that would head over the Pacheco Pass via the South Bay.

The preference of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission angered some rail advocates and environmentalists, who say the recommendation is a fantasy since two stretches of track likely won’t be built. Instead, critics charged, the endorsement of two routes amounted to a defacto vote for the Pacheco Pass route.

The alignment of a future high-speed rail line that would connect San Francisco and Los Angeles has been controversial for years. While the Southern California routes have been decided, the Northern California route is still being debated.

The California High Speed Rail Authority at one point had chosen the Pacheco Pass route, in part because it is the quickest way to reach Los Angeles. Critics say the route has several problems: It would traverse more environmentally sensitive land than the Altamont option, may open huge swaths of open space to development, and might not attract as many riders as a route that cuts through the East Bay and into San Joaquin County.

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