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Halloween comes early at the Heartland Institute

There are those who sincerely believe in a flat earth, that man never went to the moon, and that trains cause congestion. They are poorly disguised pawns of special interests and they thrive in elitist world of right-wing think tanks.

Please note that I did not say “conservative.” Although i do not consider myself one, real conservatives live in the real world and seek honest discourse and a better society. They are a world apart from the politically opportunistic neo-cons of the Bush administration and big business flunkies.

I guess we should be glad Wendell Cox has a job. If it were not for outfits like the Heartland Institute, I fear what might become of him.

Here is the latest dose of spooky nonsense. The entire release is here. I doubt I will have much to say about it, but this part is a dandy.

Passenger rail fans look to the shiny trains of Europe and Japan and wonder why they don’t exist in the United States. They overlook that the more intense (and highly subsidized) passenger train service in Europe and Japan leaves little room for freight trains. As a result, much of the freight that would move by train in the United States is moved by trucks on European and Japanese roadways, making traffic congestion considerably worse.

Fans? The Chicago Cubs have fans, so do the Arkansas Razorbacks. The rest of us are merely looking for sensible transportation solutions.

Gosh, Wendell, if you don’t already know, those European high speed lines leave NO room for freight trains. They are dedicated exclusively for the especially fast intercity service. He’s counting on the average guy not knowing that. Of course, the Heartland Institute has to depend on lies, how else can they peddle such junk?

It is worth noting that the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, linked in the right hand column, has a proposal for fast trains that would serve the major cities of the Midwest on the same track as freight trains, but those would not operate at European speeds.

The California High Speed network, for example, would be at true high speed standards and, obviously, would be exclusively for such transportation services. It is exactly on the European model.

It behooves all proponents of an efficient and modern transportation system to know what the ilk of Cox is up to.


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