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Bombardier gets go-ahead for SunRail gear – RailwayAge Magazine

Bombardier gets go-ahead for SunRail gear – RailwayAge Magazine.

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3 Responses

  1. upnorth71 says:

    The finest mid-seventies railway technology money can buy!

  2. C2Cin2006 says:

    I tend to agree with upnorth71. Why oh why must North American passenger car equipment be stuck with 60’s and 70’s technology when European Railroads have much more advanced equipment? OK, so most of the high density continental lines may have positive train control therefore not needing tank mentality crashworthy slugs so they can accelerate quicker, stop quicker and consume less energy but why oh why can’t we get out of the dark ages? The only “progress” I see in the last 50 years is “push-pull” capability. Even regional and commuter trains to German backwater towns are much more advanced! Not invented here? Transit agencies stuck in some kind of time warp? I give up but it is so, so frustrating.

  3. Jos Callinet says:

    Today is Monday, 15 August 2011 – I think it will not be very long before we in these United States find ourselves without any rail service whatever. The backward thinking C2Cin2006 refers to in his post above is only the tip of a very regressive iceberg which is coming ashore.

    I think it is becoming increasingly likely that the ultraconservative elements in our country are going mainstream, and that we will end up with a Tea Party-dominated Congress (both House and Senate) AND a conservative President, like Governor Perry of Texas, who, if elected, has vowed to end all subsidies to the arts and Amtrak. We are in for a period of extended austerity, and progressive ideas and projects are going to be set aside.

    I strongly believe the United States of America is headed toward becoming the first and perhaps only major nation in the world to lose all its passenger rail service, as conservatives fulfill their promises to end all public transportation subsidies. Farewell, Amtrak. Farewell, Sunrail. Our concerns about retrogressive railcar design are themselves about to become irrelevant.

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