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Maglev company closes doors, returns to parent corporations

Siemens and Thyssencrup have announced that they are dissolving their joint maglev technology company, Transrapid. Transrapid’s system was used to build Shanghai’s 20 mile airport train, an oft-cited example of a functioning commercial maglev train.

The decision on Thursday, May 8, came after the city of Munich decided in March to abandon plans for a 37-kilometer (23-mile) line linking the city center with the airport.

Despite the dissolution of the company, “the core competencies of the Transrapid technology” would remain in the possession of Siemens and ThyssenKrupp, they said.

The companies said they remained dedicated to promoting the system and were continuing talks with possible customers in China and the United States.

Though the article makes it clear that Transrapid’s assets will be reabsorbed by the parents companies, who will continue to promote the technology, this has to be something of a blow to maglev proponents.

A number of readers of this blog have argued that more conventional high speed rail technology is imminently more practical and affordable, despite lacking that ‘ooh.. ahhh’ factor of magnetic levitation trains. Most conventional HSR stock is capable of running at reduced speeds on old tracks, and there is more competition and real-world precedent for fast steel wheels. Despite this, maglev has it own advantages. Trains run more silently, have fewer moving parts, and perhaps most importantly, capture the public’s attention in a country where no one seems to give passenger rail a second thought. Perhaps standard HSR is more practical for America’s new rail projects, but it pains me to see a competitive and interesting technology such as this flounder.

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