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UK considering London-Glasgow HSR link

Representatives from the British government and the devolved government of Scotland have been in talks discussing the viability of a high speed rail link between London and Glasgow. The line, dubbed High Speed Two by the press (“High Speed One” being the Eurostar to Paris), would reduce rail travel time between the cities to 3 hours and ease congestion on rail, road, and air infrastructure. The costs would be high, but so would the economic benefits. There also seems to be some UK political drama mixed in there as well, considering that the pro-independence Scottish National Party currently heads the government in Scotland.

Pressure groups say the high environmental cost of short-haul air travel, plus the need to link up Scotland and the north of England with the new London Eurostar service requires a “High Speed Two” link down the country.

A feasibility study into a new high-speed line by the consultants Atkins in March concluded that either a west coast or an east coast line – which would cost between £9bn and £12bn – would produce huge economic benefits to the country. A third option – building a £30bn network down both east and west Britain – would bring economic benefits of more than £60bn, it added. The report concluded: “High-speed operation is required to attract sufficient passengers to switch from road and air.”

Only this, it added, would “make construction of a new line economically or financially viable”.

Gordon Brown is under pressure from Labour MPs and MSPs who say that a north-south high-speed line could become a “grand project”, demonstrating the Prime Minister’s support of the Union.

Spain’s bullet trains are also often discussed as being counterbalances to the centrifugal pressures on the country in Catalonia and the Basque regions. So aside from the obvious economic benefits to both Scotland and England, one can see why pro-Unionist politicians would be pushing for this project.

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