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The Dan Patch Corridor: More commuter rail in the Twin Cities?

I have to apologize for my absence the last few days, but I just finished up with exams up here at college, including a journalism piece I wrote about the Dan Patch Commuter rail line, running from Northfield, MN (where my school, Carleton College, is located) to Minneapolis. It’s a good example of just how freaking hard it is to make commuter rail projects happen in auto-dependent areas like the Twin Cities. It’s going up on a local blog and the Twin Cities Daily Planet, but I made sure I could put it up here as well (click through for the full story):
In the Obama-Era, Plans Revive for a Northfield-Twin Cities Rail Line

In the Obama-Era, Plans Revive for a Northfield-Twin Cities Rail Line

By Logan Nash

With the national economy still a giant question mark, Northfield community leaders are pushing ahead to revive a long-delayed project to build a commuter rail line that would link the town to the Twin Cities metropolitan region.

The national economic downturn is precisely why a serious reconsideration of the commuter line, called the Dan Patch Corridor, is especially warranted right now, the line’s advocates say.

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