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Amtrak CEO: America’s Railroad Can’t Live In ‘Survival Mode’ | TPM LiveWire

Amtrak President and CEO Joseph Boardman was interviewed on camera by Bloomberg TV for a profile about him and his role as the government-subsidized rail corporation’s leader. In the interview, Boardman says that Amtrak has lived in “survival mode” for the past 40 years when it comes to funding, and can’t exist in that state anymore.

“We either grow or we die,” Boardman said.

Boardman also told Bloomberg TV that he thinks the “best place” for high-speed rail is the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C., notably not mentioning California, where the state government is moving forward with plans to develop its own high-speed rail system. Watch the full video via Bloomberg TV:


Amtrak CEO: America’s Railroad Can’t Live In ‘Survival Mode’ | TPM LiveWire.

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2 Responses

  1. That’s all nice and dandy, but this is the same man who:
    1) sat back and let UP bully him on making the Sunset daily
    2) has done nothing to advance LD rail travel (see how committed the company is to ordering new Superliners out west)
    3) has done nothing to make the Cardinal daily
    4) almost got Congress to pass a licensing provision that would have allowed the company to be in a state of mediocrity in perpetuity (Source:

  2. Jerry says:

    What Boardman says is correct, viz-a-viz survival mode, but he is focussed on the NEC and seems to care little or nothing about long distance trains which is where the real money is when figured in passenger miles. Until there is a CEO at Amtrak that serves all of us, well, ho hum.

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