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Californians would reject bullet train in revote, polls finds –

Californians would reject bullet train in revote, polls finds –

With the cost of the state’s high-speed rail project rising dramatically, a new public opinion poll shows that a clear majority of California’s registered voters would reject the proposal if given a second chance to vote on it today.

As it is currently constituted in North America, high speed rail is nothing but a WPA for consultants. Now,I realize this expression needs a bit of unpacking. The WPA was a New Deal program of Pres. Roosevelt in the Great Depression that built things to create jobs. Frankly, some very durable and lovely buildings were constructed (for example many structures still used by the Little Rock Zoo). The purpose of the WPA was to put people to work and it was sometimes referred to as We Piddle Around. Those who actually lived through it are invited to expand and correct my description. The point today is that the only people getting any benefit from high speed rail are those who produce worthless studies that will be ignored anyway. So there.

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  1. Tom Elmore says:

    Redevelopment of transit and intercity passenger rail service is something like what the foresters say: “The time to plant a tree is 70 years ago; but if you didn’t do it then, the time is now.” To that, I’ve added a little more, “But don’t be complaining 5 years from now that “there’s not enough shade and nothing big enough in which to hang a swing or build a treehouse.”

    The constant haranguing of rail projects by the highway and airline lobbies and their armies of “anything for a buck” minions can be counted on to wear down the resolve of many. These industries have got their muddy boots on our throats — and they like it that way.

    Just as we plant trees for the benefit of our grandchildren — we’d better be doing something about the transportation system we’re leaving them. Rail is the answer — and the time is now.

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