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Study of proposed magnet train from Atlanta to Chattanooga continues |

Study of proposed magnet train from Atlanta to Chattanooga continues |

It is a tragedy that the only people who will ever benefit from high speed rail in North America are the consultants who study routes that will never be built. What a waste and what a cynical misuse of taxpayer money.

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  1. The whole maglev thing is DOA in America. For starters, its price tag will dwarf CAHSR’s $98.5 billion. Secondly, the one place (Shanghai) that has revenue service decided to extend its subway to downtown. The sooner leaders can ditch turkeys like maglev and HSR in places where it’s not justified, the more likely it is that the focus can go back on real passenger rail service.

  2. ernest Fazio says:

    The rail enthusiast needs to be brought up to date. The technology that was used in Chine is a turkey, but the original inventors have come up with a system that will operate very nicly on modified conventional tracks and is less costly than conventional HSR and a fraction of the cost of systemthe Germans built in China. Take a look

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