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Reroute plan bypasses Trinadad; U.S.-subsized Amtrak weighing change in light of $94M track repair price tag

Reroute plan bypasses city; U.S.-subsized Amtrak weighing change in light of $94M track repair price tag.


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  1. Steve A says:

    According to Wikipedia, an average of 11 people per day get on or off Amtrak trains daily in Trinidad. Amtrak differs, claiming ridership is nearly 12.5 per day. Assuming the track repairs last for 30 years, that comes out to a bit less than $800 for each and every passenger that gets on or off in Trinidad. I guess even Amtrak has limits, and you can SEE those limits if you go to “” and then on to Trinidad Colorado. One wonders how much Colorado DOT wasted designing a new facility which will be unused once the town is bypassed.

  2. Tom Elmore says:

    Where’s Teddy Roosevelt when we need him? The increasingly heedless and arrogant BNSF mega-monopoly — like the other post-deregulation Class 1 mega-monopolies — need to be broken up with a vengeance.

    What needs to be dealt with even sooner than that is total reform in motor carrier repayment of the taxpayers for the use of their roads.

    Failure to do this in the first place undoubtedly played a leading role in the failures of railroad competitiveness which ultimately drove “deregulation” under Staggers. So much for trying to make two wrongs make a right.

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