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Investors may not back California bullet train until after it’s running, agency says –

Investors may not back bullet train until after it’s running, agency says –

Given the near impossibility of planning, building and operating (although I suppose we will never actually know about the latter because not one mile of true HSR will ever be constructed in the U. S.) it seems reasonable to hold off till the thing is up and running to make direct investment.

Besides, American corporate thinking demands instant gratification. No thinking beyond this quarters dividend allowed.

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  1. Steve A says:

    Instant gratification or not, $6 billion for a route part way from Chowchilla to Bakersfield, with Obama veto over anything other than Fed dogma is something that I’d hold off on investing in. Apparently, California’s Governor Moonbeam even has enough sense not to get mixed up in this train from nowhere to nowhere, that will never get built.

  2. this link says:

    im not sure if this link is true but it sounds absurd. they could have developed it. i’m pretty sure when the bullet train was created, it wasn’t perfect at all and there were doubts of its creation.

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