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Romney: Amtrak a ‘classic example’ of unnecessary government spending – The Hill’s Transportation Report

Romney: Amtrak a ‘classic example’ of unnecessary government spending – The Hill’s Transportation Report.

Mitt Romney says the federal government cannot be all things to all people, HOWEVER, it can be the number one Sugar Daddy on earth for highway and airport special interests. He calls for privatizing Amtrak, Same old, same old.

The GOP presidential candidate says Amtrak should be privatized to save taxpayer money.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Thursday that the federal government could rein in spending if the national passenger rail service, Amtrak, was not national anymore.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Nobody would buy Amtrak. The only part of the system that is worth anything is the Northeast Corridor line and that is the only part of the network that Amtrak actually owns. The rest of the lines are all leased from freight carriers. Nobody is going to pay to lease rail lines that lose money. If private passenger rail was worth anything, then someone would be out there providing it already like the freight carriers that already own most of the lines that Amtrak operates on. A privatized Amtrak would be subject to taxation and lose it’s government subsidies, making it even more unprofitable than it already is. The truth that nobody wants to hear is that tickets would become so expensive that everyone would just use their cars or move closer to their work instead. Public transportation is a money pit and it’s time it was done away with.

  2. Tom Elmore says:

    One more of a great many compelling arguments not to elect Mitt Romney to anything. How’s the subsidy level for the burgeoning rail transit services across Utah and Arizona — funded or strategically boosted by Ernest J. Istook, one more “Romney-ite” taking his orders from a certain Utah-based religio/political oligarchy who was allowed to masquerade for 14 years as “Oklahoma’s 5th District Congressman?” As Istook was boosting or creating funding-start after funding-start for Utah and Arizona rail projects, he was simultaneously talking down Amtrak and rail transit in his purported home state of Oklahoma, going so far to fund the unbelievable destruction of Oklahoma City Union Station’s sprawling, historic rail passenger center even as he simultaneously funded a healthy funding start of the Utah Frontrunner commuter rail system. For guys like Romney and Istook, their “Utah allegiance” trumps all else. After all — Utah is “in America,” isn’t it? And aren’t all Americans created equal — and a certain few even moreso? Visit Salt Lake or Phoenix sometime soon, folks — and ride your gift to those very nice folks in the intermountain West whose political candidates don’t want the same benefits for you…..

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