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Perry Blasts Spending on the Arts, Amtrak — 2012 Presidential Election | The Texas Tribune

Perry Blasts Spending on the Arts, Amtrak — 2012 Presidential Election | The Texas Tribune.

For just a moment I was going to respond to this item with reasoned argument, but why bother?

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  1. Yep, Rick Perry, the Texas Governor from hell. He must be joined at the hip to Rick Scott, the Florida governor from Hell. Get rid of Amtrak, etc., but he fails to mention the many billions spent on subsidizing the airlines, highways, etc. etc. because that is where much of his campaign finance comes from. This rat has cost education dearly in Texas, to the extent that one person I know had to take a $15,000 a year pay cut to keep any teaching job, and her husband may lose his entirely next year, and these two are hard working, professional educators, not folks doing it till they can retire.

  2. LoboSolo says:

    From the article:

    “These are issues that he believes should be looked at seriously,” Miner says. “The governor has made no secret of the impact that out-of-control spending has had on the country.”

    Perry isn’t calling for the abolition of those programs, necessarily, but thinks that is the kind of spending that ought to be re-examined, Miner says.

    Face it folks … In the Age of Austerity, the money just isn’t there and we’re all going to give some on our favorite programs.

    If your a spender tho, take heart. The so-called “cuts” were just decreases in the rate of increase. The Dance continues.

  3. Steve A says:

    Attacking travel expenses? As in what an IRS agent submits for reimbursement when he/she is required to travel to a satellite office for an audit or an FBI Agent’s travel to support another bureau?

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