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The politics of China’s high-speed train wreck – The Washington Post

The politics of China’s high-speed train wreck – The Washington Post.

FOR MONTHS, it has been increasingly obvious that China’s shiny new high-speed rail system is not the triumph of national planning that Beijing or Western admirers claimed. The Chinese government this year fired top rail officials for alleged wrongdoing, an implicit recognition that corruption and debt plague the project. Many of those who questioned the economics of high-speed rail in China also argued that authorities were cutting corners on safety in their rush to build the world’s largest bullet-train network. Those accusations, too, received tacit confirmation when China announced in April that it would cut the trains’ top speed by 30 miles per hour.

Looks like the genius editorial writers of the Washington Post have nailed us ignorant childish liberals again. Brilliant reasoning!

Yes, you super-intelligent journalists caught us red handed. We had planned to build bullet trains in the United States without oversight from the Federal Railroad Administration. We would never have looked to the near spotless records for operating high speed rail in Europe or Japan. We liberals are so stupid and indifferent to human life that we take a few hundred billion dollars (which congress has been so generous in appropriating) and constructing systems without Positive Train Control or proper Central Train Control. If hand delivered orders passed to the cab by a man with a metal hook was good enough for Casey Jones, that is plenty good enough for us. We should have known that the BRILLIANT editorial writers at the Washington Post would catch on to our little game.

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  1. […] Speed Rail yes, there have been corruption problems in China. That is NOT a reason not to pursue at least some version of it here. But there are arguments why we won’t get a national high speed rail system like […]

  2. Tom Elmore says:

    Yes. Truly sad how Chinese High Speed Trains kill 43,000 people per year, injuring and maiming hundreds of thousands, creating expense that exceeds the US national debt. No — wait a minute; that’s the US Interstate Highway system, not Chinese Trains. And think about how terrible it was when those Chinese High Speed Trains knocked down the World Trade Center Towers and blew a hole in the Pentagon. No — wait — that was “US Airlines,” wasn’t it? And how about the day a Chinese High Speed train blew the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. No — wait — that was a “truck bomb,” wasn’t it. Oh well. There must be SOMETHING wrong with those advanced Chinese trains. After all — it says so right here in the WASHINGTON POST. Right?

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