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Let’s Face It, High Speed Rail Is Dead |

Let’s Face It, High Speed Rail Is Dead |

Advocates were ecstatic when President Obama had $8 billion for high speed rail put into the stimulus bill. His administration planned to make HSR one of the cornerstones of its infrastructure investment program. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood visited Europe to check out HSR there in person and came back proclaiming, “High speed rail is coming to America.” The $8 billion, we were told, was a down payment, and that in little more than two decades, America’s largest cities would be linked by a web of high speed trains.

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  1. I voted for Obama, and I will vote for him again, but his greatest mistake was not Obamacare, it was HSR. If he had pushed for 1 billion, with a directive to Amtrak to expand their intercity service, and order sufficient equipment to do so, it would have been a great thing, but HSR is not a good fit for this country at this time. We as a people are still worshipping at the throne of the Automobile God, and until that stops, Amtrak is more than sufficient to take care of those who simply prefer to go by rail.

  2. Steve A says:

    When will recognition dawn that the answer is not more taxes for rail, but less for roads?

  3. It’s simple as to who’s killing High-Speed Rail and why.

    High-Speed Rail uses Electricity.

    Using Electricity means no need for Big Oil/Big Refineries.

    Less need for Refineries and Big Oil angers folks like the Koch Brothers.

    So the Koch Brothers must find a way to kill High-Speed Rail.

    So they fund the election of radical Governors in key states where High-Speed Rail is strongly favored.

    They bribe their new Lapdog Governors into rejecting High-Speed Rail.

    Then they use right-wing media outlets to whip up low-information voters to join the Tea Party that the Koch brothers largely finance, to plant some ’supporters’ of killing High-Speed Rail in front of the camera.

    And voila, just like that, the Koch Brothers have killed High-Speed Rail, and therefore, Big Oil keeps ahold of its energy monopoly in the States.

    While the rest of the world laughs and calls us stupid cowboys, and moves on with their own High-Speed Rail improvements.

  4. upnorth71 says:

    Just to note, the site has as its executive editor Joel Kotkin, who believes the optimal pattern of development is the car-based suburb, and that urban rail transport is not effective. Also, a frequent contributor is Wendel Cox, he of the Cato Institute.

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