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SunRail a go

SunRail a go.

I just about fell over dead when I read about Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s approval of the commuter line. Perhaps some of my friends in the Sunshine State can explain.

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  1. Frank says:

    It Puzzles me on UP’s Attitude was towards the Recent Amtrak Kaboom out in NV. Therefore, it has nothing to do with Amtrak and other Passenger Commuter Trains on Freight Tracks,. it has to do with no Under and over Passes.

    Therefore, we are not in France where they have the TVG with hardly and Freight Traffic with Under and Over Passes.

    It makes me think that the Executives of all Freight RR’s will have to met with President Obama on this subject. and how safe will Amtrak having faster Trains.

    Thank you.

    p.s. 6 too many people got killed.

    more people get killed in Car Crashes in 2001. vs 09-11.
    And by the way. do we need to have more Security protection for Amtrak and other Commuter Trains?

  2. Peter Smith says:

    What? It’s a huge gift from taxpayers to a private corporation, CSX. It’s just a massive, government-mandated transfer of wealth from working-class people to rich people. Nothing new here.

  3. Pat,

    You aren’t the only one that about fell over dead. There’s a few hundred Floridians just as bad off. Please note, and realise, that he did not sign it without a lot of pressure to do so, and even though he signed it, he made it abundantly clear that it was not his (or the state’s) responsibility if things did not work out as planned — the local communities were.

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