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Rail project on verge of being derailed?

Rail project on verge of being derailed?.

It is fortunate that the federal government never got too deeply involved in the proposed Florida projects.

On the heels of killing high-speed rail, Gov. Scott is taking aim at another train: SunRail.

Scott has a big decision to make about SunRail and its ultimate effect on Polk County.

SunRail is a planned 61-mile commuter line between Daytona Beach and Orlando.



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  1. My gut feeling is that he will not approve the project. He is totally against anything concerning passenger trains. Having said that, he is also extremely short sighted because most of the $460+M that the state was to pay CSX for the tracks, CSX had pledged to use for infrastructure improvements on the “S” line (it will get nearly all freight) and to improve access to the Port of Jacksonville (Blount Island). One of the two container terminals does not have rail access, and a third one planned will not either unless this money is available. We were told in a retiree meeting that most of the planned projects in Florida hinge on this exchange of $$, including a distribution facility in WnterHaven as well as what I mentioned.

  2. Daniel Hodun says:

    I hope CSX barges in and tells him to keep it going as this is a double benefit. Rick Scott is probably going to get more political flack for this, something he cannot afford since his approval ratings are already at the bottom of the Bahamas.

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