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Passenger rail not great news for freight industry, speaker says | News | — Baton Rouge, LA

Passenger rail not great news for freight industry, speaker says | News | — Baton Rouge, LA.

The growth of passenger rail lines across the country may not come as great news to the freight industry, fearful of losing track space to people, a spokesman for a freight rail company said Monday.

“Our concern with passenger rail is if they’re on our-right-of-way, that displaces freight,” said Robert W. Turner, senior vice president of corporate relations with Union Pacific Corp.

Turner told the Baton Rouge Press Club that some of the freight most likely to be displaced would be the containers often seen stacked on rail cars. Those are containers that can be offloaded onto trucks, putting more freight on highways.

What growth of passenger lines? UP has successfully kept the Sunset at three-days-a-week operation with its demand of $750 million in upgrades. I will leave the rest of this lame argument to my very capable readers.

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  1. Mica successfully got the east end of the Sunset shutdown and if you read his comments in last weeks hearing, his new target is what is left of the Sunset Ltd. As for the UP, they will always set a price too high to allow the train until there is a sea shift in government that says yoiu will take this train at a reaonable cost, or there are ways to coerce you into doing it. IF I had the power to do it, I would simply increase the property tax on UP along the Sunset Route and put the reuslting funds in a “passenger train kitty”.

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