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RAILWAY AGE COMMENTARY: Mica/Shuster bill: Reagan-Gingrich-Bush rehash? – RailwayAge Magazine

RAILWAY AGE COMMENTARY: Mica/Shuster bill: Reagan-Gingrich-Bush rehash? – RailwayAge Magazine.

I am proud to say that Railway Age had about the same reaction as I had yesterday (cue gag reflex) but they gathered the energy to write a coherent response to a politically motivated, mean, outrageous, misrepresentation by a well-informed man who certainly knows better than the dribble he placed before an unwary press and public. Shame on John Mica! Thanks Railway Age for doing my job for me.

Here is a sample. Read the whole thing (you must!) at the link above.

Oh man, have the cowpies—excuse me, political rhetoric—hit the fan! Some of the language is comical. Some of it is a confusing cacophony. Some of it is shrill. Most of it is useless, because if history is any indication, such legislative schemes are not going to do anything except misinform and confuse the public, needlessly worry Amtrak’s hard-working employees and distract them from doing their jobs, and force Amtrak’s management to spend countless hours defending the railroad, instead of running it.

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