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California bullet train: Federal officials reject proposed changes to bullet-train project –

California bullet train: Federal officials reject proposed changes to bullet-train project –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This HS rail cost issue is being bounced around from Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin now California. The state funding questions must be true if all these states
    have concerns over what the state funding will be after the Feds expend their money in 2012. It is deplorable that the Federal Government does not have a comprehensive
    plan for all the states affected by high speed rail. True it is a mega billion dollar program probably several trillion when all said and done. Where this is getting big push back is at the state legislature level. The states do not have commitments from the Feds on reimbursement costs down the road similar to the federal highway trust fund from gasoline tax. Can you imagine a tax on say milk for high speed rail or a tax on clothing for high speed rail, or a tax on meat for high speed rail.
    Otherwise it must be a flat tax on every American whether they pay tax or not. We can’t have 40%+ who donot pay taxes ride these trains without skin in the game despite a fare to ride. FOR EXAMPLE LETS SAY 150,000,000 people earn income of some type in the country, [number is not accurate]. If every person paid $100 per year that is 15,000,000,000 or 15 billion dollars. Not nearly enough on a yearly basis to get this construction kicked off nationally. We need probably 150,000,000,000 a year to be serious about this for just the first few years then even more is needed. For me I would pay $500 into a dedicated trust fund yearly to get this rolling. If my federal tax I pay was reduced by the same amount. Why not its for our country rather going to some sand box country who will piss away the money! Also every corporation would pay a progressive tax based on their gross reported income, not net income after deductions. That way they have skin in the game too. All must do this why not Obama care is the same approach. We all get screwed. BUT HS rail has a payback from the young and old, not like health care you may not use for many many years if your young.
    Look all airports are built with Federal dollars, railroad get subsidies, any many others get subsidies, divert some of those dollars too to the National HS Trust Fund as well say 20,000,000,000 per year. there are many ways to get this started we need a GOVT, not just a PRESIDENT WITH FORWARD THINKING VISION to comprehend the vast benefit of getting this started. heck airlines will by into this system if they get a piece of the pie. Could you see the name United Airlines and Rail.

  2. LoboSolo says:

    You want to pass a flat tax on every working American to pay for HSR in a few states? That’s not gonna happen!

    Rail is already the most subsidized on a passenger-mile basis …

    The resulting federal subsidy per thousand passenger miles was as follows:
    Inter-city passenger rail: $186
    Urban transit: $118
    Air travel: $ 6
    Highways: -$2

    We need to be clear about the definition of federal a “subsidy” for each mode of travel. A subsidy is not the same thing as “federal funding” altho many transit, rail, and high-speed rail advocates keep trying to twist the language so that it is. If an infrastructure project is funded by payments made by its users, there is no subsidy involved. A subsidy occurs when non-users are compelled to pay for such a project.

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