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Iowa gets federal money to aid railroad corridors –

Iowa gets federal money to aid railroad corridors –

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa is getting a share of new funding for passenger rail equipment in six Midwestern states, which could lay the groundwork for enhanced rail service.

Federal transportation officials announced plans Monday for $268 million for the purchase of rail cars and locomotives in corridors in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin.


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  1. Frank says:

    It’s hard to believed, yet, Interesting that even Conservative Iowa is getting funds for High Speed Trains. Therefore, will UP up-grade their line, so the Amtrak Zephyer can get to Omaha faster.

    Through, it is a ridiculous station. when at one time, 2 giant stations. through one is an Museum. that even UP help saved. Having said that,

    Speaking of which, how about all the way to Denver. on the BNSF?

    and last. Fast Trains to Cedar Rapids. their is one guy their that is so Anti-Amtrak.
    Hard to believed that he is one of the guys to promote it to IA City, where its needed.
    More beauty vs ugly Cedar Rapids.

    Wow, finally, an expanded Amtrak Train into Iowa of all places.

  2. Frank says:

    The 2 Giant Stations are in Omaha.
    One is a Museum. and the other one is suppose to be Ridiculously Expensive Condos, sitting up-top of a Railway through way?

    My point being. how do we build High Speed Amtrak, when you got Conservative Nerds having Condos to block it. The Attitude is. not in my back yard. Fact. the Railway Yard was their for the pass 100 years, their in Downtown Omaha.

  3. LoboSolo says:

    The new rail line would simply duplicate service that is already available. Luxury intercity bus service is provided between Iowa City and Chicago twice daily. The luxury buses are equipped with plugs for laptop computers and with free wireless high-speed internet service. Perhaps most surprisingly, the luxury buses make the trip faster than the so-called high speed rail line, at 3:50 hours. The trains would take more than an hour longer (5:00 hours). No one would be able to get to Chicago quicker than now.

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