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Chamber turns to tough talk on Scott, SunRail – The Bottom Line – Beth Kassab on Business – Orlando Sentinel

Chamber turns to tough talk on Scott, SunRail – The Bottom Line – Beth Kassab on Business – Orlando Sentinel.

Very cool story. Perhaps some major hyperbole, but you should read it and scroll down to the comments. One of them is exactly on comment. Highways are not free and do not “make money”-  whatever that means.

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  1. I just wonder when people will be fed up enough to recall King Scott — oh, wait, Florida doesn’t have a recall process at all—–

  2. Frank says:

    Absolutely. Highways are not making any money.

    In this country, however, one does not have a choice but, to drive under most circumstances going east.

    For Example. The Train from St Paul to Chicago, once its in the Union Station should not take any more then 7.25 hours. given and take Fright Traffic, and Idiot drivers and people, paying game with the crossings.

    That would be Anticipated the fastest in 40 years.

    Chicago to Indianapolis, it took, yes Ridiculous. 6.25 hours to go just 195 miles, yeah Ridiculous.

    and getting to Indianapolis at Midnight is
    insane, and to leave at 6 am,. likewise insane.

    Therefore, needing a Car when I get to Indy.
    I option to drive. and it only takes 10.5 at the Speed Limit plus stops for obviously reasons.

    and even with fuel at $3.80 when I saw the price on 04-19-11.

    Why not drive. why fly and pay the Stupid Airport Sales Taxes to pay for a Stadium that I could care less about.

    35 mpg if not better, 595 miles.= 17 Gallons or about $65.40 do the math. Plus Tolls.

    That is what it would cost just to rent a Car including Gas at the Stupid Indy Airport including Tax Fair, Ridiculous.

  3. patlynch says:

    Totally ridiculous that we cling to a 1950s ground transportation system and make ZERO effort to even begin a transition to a HSR alternative.

  4. ernest fazio says:

    We can’t afford to go around building a modern rail system. Don’t you jerks know we have wars to fight?

  5. patlynch says:

    I just completely forgot my priorities!

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