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China’s High-Speed Rail Threatens Domestic Airlines

Well, duh? Why do you think we don’t have HSR in the USA?

China’s High-Speed Rail Threatens Domestic Airlines.


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2 Responses

  1. ernest fazio says:

    If Maglev is used in this country a large percentage of the routes under 1000 mile will be dominated by that rail system as opposed to air travel. It is precisely the reason that airlines should be interested. As I told a group of airline execs a few years ago. “You folks should be embracing this technology and owning it. You think you are in the airplane business, when if fact you are in the transportation business”

  2. FRANK says:

    What a Riot, Way to go. The Stupid Airlines are getting a piece of their own wisecracks against Airplanes.

    Not only more relaxing. more then likely Security Post 911 Security Clearance. (Which I rather say then not say it at all.)

    However, even with Post 911 Security Clearance.
    It’s not a darn mile walk to the stupid Airplane.

    Again way to go.

    I am ready to see in my life time, if I will see High Speed Amtrak Train from St Paul to Chicago, to Indianapolis and so on. However, it’s rather Interesting to see high speed trains from Chicago to St Louis and Possibility Milwaukee.

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