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Viewpoint: Restore Pensacola’s Amtrak | Pensacola News Journal |

This Pensacola, Florida editorial is far from collectivism. Amtrak is not HSR, but it is still good transportation and much of Florida has been cut off since Amtrak “suspended” service after Katrina.

Do we need AMTRAK passenger service in Pensacola? We need it and I don’t see why we don’t have it. We have a practically new, modern terminal just sitting there, gathering dust and graffiti, to the east of 14th Avenue. Part of its parking lot is used by the nearby liquor store.

Viewpoint: Restore Pensacola’s Amtrak | Pensacola News Journal |

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  1. Amtrak desired to end Gulf Coast service BEFORE Katrina ever arrived. Their excuse was that it was losing money, was too costly to operate and had very low ridership. None of the above reasons were valid however, the storm provided Amtrak with a reason to permanently cancel service east of New Orleans and return the Sunset Limited to its original Los Angelos to New Orleans route.
    Pensacola hasnt had any VIABLE passenger train service since the L&N operated through here many decades ago. Amtrak began Gulf Coast service in 1993 with great fanfare but soon tired of the effort and yearned to end that service early on.
    Currently we have a Governor in the capitol that is openly hosilte to any form of new train service in the entire state of Florida and has allowed politics to cloud his questionable judgement. There have been many rumors of a return of passenger rail service along the Gulf Coast but nothing of the sort is likely to happen until Amtrak gets rid of its current crop of short-minded and short-sighted executives and Florida elects a governor with the ability to see beyond his own political views. The following illustration of Amtraks logic clearly demonstrates my point: The huge city of Atlanta has only ONE Amtrak passenger train operating in either direction (north to New York and south to New Orleans) while New Orleans which is nowhere as large a city, has three for a total of six Amtrak trains in and out of THAT city almost everyday to every point on the map…except the east…. go figure.

  2. Visionary says:

    Atlanta has a major airport hub and home for Delta Arilines. The airline industry would oppose any logical expansion of rail because it is cheap, reliable, pretty quick for short distances.

    Pensacola needs rail service and the local community should pursue this w/o the state help. I would recommend a Atlanta, Montgomery, Mobile, Pensacola, Jacksonville, back to Atlanta circuit. A mix cargo/passenger train that connect major transportation hubs in the Gulf Coast. This line would not be as dependent on weather and could haul way more people and cargo than the airlines for far cheaper.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pensacola was not treated kindly and yes service should be restored. With all due respect however it was a majority of the state’s citizens who put the current governor in office. You can thank them for setting back Florida’s development. Kudos however to Florida East Coast Industries plan for private rail from Miami to Orlando. Now why not tap them on the shoulder and see what might be feasible for Pensacola.

  4. cory says:

    I think amtrak would be good ,would be a lot more better than rideing the greyhound to anywhere in florida or anywhere.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was a lot better than air as well, back when we could ride it, and I have been through Pensacola more than 30 times on the Sunset Ltd., but the politicians in Central Florida, one John Mica in particular, decided we didn’t need the service, so at 74, I don’t expect it back in my lifetime.

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