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City gets positive sign on rail project | | Iowa City Press Citizen

Under the proposal, the Iowa City area would contribute $300,000 to $400,000 annually for operational services for an Amtrak line that would run initially from Iowa City to Davenport and on to Chicago. The state had been looking at a $3 million annual bill, which prompted questions from new Gov. Terry Branstad about whether other funding streams exist.

City gets positive sign on rail project | | Iowa City Press Citizen.


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  1. Henry-5 says:

    Be wise that there are Conservatives morons in Cedar Rapids that are against Amtrak w/o question.

    However, with the Zephyr coming through S-IA. that therefore, will out fox them.

    Yes, these Cities need Amtrak Services. with Fuel going towards $3.75-$4 a gallon if not higher.
    I believe that there is a market.
    Thank goodness the morons did not blow down the Union Station in Downtown Davenport.
    Hoping to bring that River City back to life. vs the damn shopping malls in the burbs.
    This way, bring back some shopping in Downtown Davenport and its Historical will bring in Conventions. not everyone flies on Stupid Airplanes.

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