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Dagny Taggart Wept –

Looks like Krugman also read the bizarre George Will column on high speed rail.

Dagny Taggart Wept –

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  1. LoboSolo says:

    What’s bizarre are the comments made by Krugman. He must have been on his medication since he didn’t foam at the mouth with ad hominem attacks and lash out with wild accusations. It was actually nice to be able to read what he wrote without wondering when the guys in the white jackets would finally come and take him away.

    But he still shows an amazing lack of logic.

    “As Sarah Goodyear at Grist says, trains are a lot more empowering and individualistic than planes — and planes, not cars, are the main alternative to high-speed rail.”

    *Maybe she did in another article but not in the one he linked to. But that is a bizarre statement. Trains are no more individualistic than planes. They’re just roomier!

    OTOH, I just read a couple of days ago on a Facebook post of friend who chose the ride the train from CA to San Antonio. She mentioned the harassment by the Border Patrol who came on board the train as it skirted the border. I guess that train passengers aren’t immune from gov’t thugs either.

    Actually more people are choosing to drive long distances than submit to the TSA groping … and liking it.

    “And there’s the bit about rail as an antiquated technology; try saying that after riding the Shanghai Maglev.”

    ***Wow, does Krugman support maglev? Maybe he isn’t quite as wacko as I thought. Obviously he is capable of a bit of logic when he is on his medication.

    “But anyway, it’s amazing to see Will — who is not a stupid man — embracing the sinister progressives-hate-your-freedom line, more or less right out of Atlas Shrugged; with the extra irony, of course, that John Galt’s significant other ran, well, a railroad.”

    ***Well push me over with a feather! He actually thinks that a semi-conservative like Will isn’t stupid. Hey Paul, the irony of your irony is that Dagny ran a PRIVATE railroad that was struggling to survive despite an over-regulating gov’t and unions which you enthusiastically support.

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