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Will: Why Liberals Love Trains – Newsweek

So, if I understand correctly, supporters of HSR have a mental illness? And members of the Tea Party are sane?

But seriously, this column represents the tragic decline of Mr. Will’s intellectual capacity. It is actually quite shocking in tone and content.

Will: Why Liberals Love Trains – Newsweek.

UPDATE: This reader’s comment is so spot-on that I had to move it to the front page. Thanks Jay Heiser.

He's almost echoing Bush's explanation for Islamic terrorism,
explaining "they hate our freedom," and he's so trapped within
the system of American cultural norms that he is apparently
unable to recognize all of the freedoms that come from having
access to an efficient and comprehensive system of non-auto

I agree with his concerns about America's lack of economic
density reducing the potential for high speed trains, but
beyond that, it appears that George has lost his intellectual
edge. He recently wrote a column defending Exceptionalism that
was similiarly superficial.  

Has the last great right-wing intellectual finally given up the
fight, succumbing to a numb recitation of bog standard Fox
talking points?

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