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Metro Buys Union Station For $75M « CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Metro says they are buying Union Station for $75 million and will turn the historical landmark into a modern transportation hub.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority says the purchase will include 38 acres of land and 5.9 million square feet of entitlements that will give MTA the right to develop real estate around the downtown transportation hub.


Metro Buys Union Station For $75M « CBS Los Angeles.


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  2. It’s a start. The next step is to handle issues surrounding multiple entities. The real question will be how Metro, Caltrans, and the CAHSRA will handle the following operators a decade from now–if all of these things come to fruition:
    1) Metro services
    2) Other local/regional transportation
    3) Metrolink
    4) Amtrak
    5) HSR
    6) Virgin service to Las Vegas
    7) DesertXpress extension
    8) X Train
    9) Z-Train
    10) Desert Lightning to Vegas and Phoenix

  3. Most interesting!

    In Oklahoma City, “leaders” are now talking about a cost of $10 million to build a “new transit hub” — in the very congested “Bricktown” restaurant/amusement area just east of downtown.

    They just destroyed the last unused, historic, grand urban rail passenger center in the West boasting all its original train-handling space, Oklahoma City Union Station’s rail yard. They also ripped out the longstanding, direct rail line to Will Rogers World Airport from the Union Station facility. Why? To make way for the relocation of four miles of Interstate 40.

    The Union Station yard was 12-tracks-wide and 8-blocks-long and underpassed at arterial streets S. Walker and S. Robinson. It was an at-grade facility with passenger and express freight tunnels linked to the beautiful 55,000 sq ft Mission Revival style terminal building. Oh — and the Union Station terminal, well south of the center of downtown, had been purchased in 1989 with federal transit grant money for the express purpose of becoming the region’s transit hub.

    ODOT — whose “$236 million I-40 relocation project” is now said to be nearing $900 million — assured all ten years ago that the Union Station rail facility was “worth zero.”

    It’s so far cost $460K just to “study its replacement” — and Jacobs Engineering (the new name for Carter Burgess) says $10 million should cover the cost of a new hub in an area already so congested that there’s hardly room to turn an automobile around. If ODOT’s “number system” is an indicator, the new hub’s actual cost should easily approach $40 million in an area where growth to meet future demand would be flatly impossible.

    What if OKC Metro Transit — which already owned the Union Station terminal building — had gained the rights to develop the down-at-the-heels real estate surrounding that facility with ongoing residual revenue? This, in addition to its wide-ranging, then-extant rail connections might well have made the hub and the agency among the most financially viable in the West.

    Alas — it’s all purely hypothetical now, because the rail yard facility has been completely obliterated by ODOT, with the obvious complicity of a city council now pleading “confusion.”

    Meanwhile, at a 2-24-11 OKC “field hearing” of Congressman John Mica’s committee, allegedly to “reform and improve surface transportation,” I didn’t hear the word “railroad” mentioned. Nor would I have expected to — as all panelists to whom the congressman and his colleagues listened were either highway contractors or people who have been high-profile spokesmen for the highway lobby (including the current “State Transportation Czar,” Gary Ridley and his immediate antecedent and mentor, Neal A. McCaleb.)

    What they wanted to talk about was stripping federal funding from all transportation except highways, accepting heavier trucks and a network of “dedicated truck freight roads or highway lanes.”

    Presumably, any such package would also include plenty of funding for perpetual foreign war to keep the trucking and highway lobbies in the oil resources their schemes would continue to require.

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