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Bill Nye The Science guy talks abut high speed rail –

Nye was headlining National Engineers Week at Epcot when he commented on projects such as the stalled plan to build high speed rail in Florida. He said that every other advanced country in the world has high speed rail and that it’s politics holding us back.

Bill Nye The Science guy talks abut high speed rail –


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  1. Charles V. Greene says:

    Thanks for stepping up to the plate. I am a long time advocate for an improved rail system. What we have currently compared to what we had in the past is an absolute joke. I am old enough to have traveled our rail system in the 30’s,40’s and 50’s.I have fond memories of the introduction of the first diesel passenger trains. I remember the comfort,timelyness and frequency of the system. It was great. There was only one drawback. When we all had to be late for appointments sometime because of a switch or a slow moving freight. I think if we do this the two need to seperated somehow. Maybe build a whole new track system. Finance it with limited amount public bonds to the general public backed by the fed:Owned by the people.

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