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Proposed budget guts transit funding – don’t let it become law

This comes from the Transportation for America blog (clever name, eh?). It is important to understand that Republicans and Tea Party extremists (I really do not know what else to call them) sincerely and honestly believe that government is the foremost problem. They dislike all programs that provide a social safety net or public services. This should not be dismissed as a tiny bunch of malcontents. Large corporations and the country’s wealthiest handful of families benefit when government is cut. Yes, it is shortsighted, but they really believe that things that are really necessarily will somehow happen. Insults and argument are counter-productive because they despise people with other opinions anyway. All we can do is be heard.

The budget proposal from the Republican Study Committee, which consists of 165 of the 242 GOP House members, calls for completely eliminating the main federal transit program, zeroes out Amtrak, cuts all funding for the metro system in the nation’s capital and slashes $2.5 billion in high-speed rail grants.

Help us keep this proposal from becoming law – sign on to our letter below and let your legislators know that Americans rely on these transportation programs and don’t want to see them cut.

Proposed budget guts transit funding – don’t let it become law.

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