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Iowa City-Chicago railway plans are a no-go for now – Railway Track and Structures

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad will not allocate funds for the Iowa City-Chicago railway in the near future, the governor’s communications director, Tim Albrecht, is reported saying in The Daily Iowan.

Iowa City-Chicago railway plans are a no-go for now – Railway Track and Structures.

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  1. Henry-5 says:

    No Thanks to the Moron Conservatives that lives in Cedar Rapids. we may never see Improved Amtrak Service. but, it is okay for those same morons to drive 80 in 65 in IL and never or will ever get caught for Speeding. Therefore, if we had Decent Amtrak Service to Iowa City and it would boom the Tourist, and Downtown to Downtown, such as from Chicago to Downtown Iowa City, and not Burbs to Burbs Wasting time to the Stupid Airport, to ride a Stupid Airplane. and being hassle before boarding.

  2. Henry-5 says:

    Oh yeah, there are Conservatives in Cedar Rapids that are palsy with the Gov, accuse the Public that it would not worked. and only thinking of themselves.

    Just wait Conservatives Cedar Rapids when the Northern Railway Historical Society Convention will be in your town. and there is not a Damn thing you can do about it, as long as the freight Railway approves it. Hay Conservatives if you don’t like the Inconvenience, then leave town while the Convention is in town. I will assure that the Hotels will be full and the Restaurants will be pack, Then of Course, why don’t you sky Rocket the Rates and sales tax?

  3. patlynch says:

    Well, that should strike fear in their hearts.

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