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Gov. Scott meets with Japanese Foreign Minister to discuss high-speed rail

Governor Rick Scott met with Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara Saturday afternoon.

Although Scott divulged little about the meeting, he did mention that he would like the Sunshine State and Japan to work together in the future to create more jobs.

“At the appropriate time I will be going to Japan. The foreign minister has invited me to Japan to uh, with business leaders to talk about how to do that and I have also invited the foreign minister back with business leaders from Japan to talk about how we can do, how Japanese companies can do more business,” said Governor Scott.

Gov. Scott meets with Japanese Foreign Minister to discuss high-speed rail.

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3 Responses

  1. If the jobs are created in this country, I am for it, but if Scott is figuring on sending more jobs offshore, which as a “businessman” is more likely, then a pox on him.

  2. Andrew in Ezo says:

    @Jerry- How will jobs be sent offshore? The trainsets will be built in the U.S. (Illinois), the contractors pouring the concrete and laying the track will be domestic, and the people running the trains will be locals.

  3. Andrew in Ezo says:

    Another good reason for using a foreign firm is most are willing to finance a portion of the building costs, and are likely to accept covering any shortfalls in revenue, should any occur. What they are looking for is a foothold in the US market, and are willing to absorb losses (foreign firms tend to take longer term views of markets than Wall Street). Plus foreign firms actually have experience running true HSR services (at a profit)- they know that HSR can be profitable, if done right by experienced, competent operators.

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