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Missouri part of plan for fast rail – Independence, MO – The Examiner

Here’s what’s coming down the tracks.

Illinois now says it will have so-called high-speed rail service from Chicago to St. Louis by 2014, which puts that service on Missouri’s doorstep. Eventual plans are to plug Missouri’s cross-state line – the Amtrak line, Kansas City to St. Louis, with stops in Independence and elsewhere – into that Illinois line, part of a Midwest high-speed network.

But is it really high speed? Is it really enough?


Missouri part of plan for fast rail – Independence, MO – The Examiner.

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  1. …….Federal state and railroad officials have signed an agreement that they say moves Illinois closer to having high-speed passenger service between Chicago and St. The deal means construction on the high-speed rail line will continue in the spring in Central Illinois. Work on this phase is expected to end next fall..Officials say the high-speed corridor between St.

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