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National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled, Despite Political Roadblocks | Reuters

The study says the four most suitable routes for high-speed rail, based on potential demand, are New York to Washington, Philadelphia to Washington, Boston to New York and Baltimore to New York. Todorovich noted that incoming New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports high-speed rail.

Other areas the study considers ripe for high-speed rail are the Chicago region and the Los Angeles and Bay areas of California.

Pretty amazing stuff.

So, if I get this right, the four best potential HSR corridors are all located on the northeast corridor where Amtrak owns the tracks and never exceeds 130 mph. I do agree that the arrival of Republicans in Washington will tend to focus HSR development into more favorable regions. That is a good thing.

Those of us in middle America should not be too upset that the most densely populated portion of the country would gain the most from the development of HSR. Still, we need better transportation out here in the sticks and much faster trains (say 90 or even 110 mph) would make a big difference.

It is a good read.

National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled, Despite Political Roadblocks | Reuters.

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5 Responses

  1. FRANK says:

    More Airport Restrictions. and no alternative ways on traveling.

    Oh great, with more Airport Restrictions. it only makes more of a nightmare at the Stupid Airport-post-09-11 Regulations x-rays, through, it may not be all that necessary. 1st I hate Airports, cause. you get to the Stupid Airport and to get through the x-Ray is fine and dandy. then a bunch of Idiots gets to the Airport at the last minute and delays for the plane leaving cause of other people not getting to the Airport early.
    Yet, how many people that loves airplanes would even think of taking High-speed Amtrak? As always the Conservatives have their point. and that is because they convenience that high-speed Amtrak will not worked. and therefore, refuse to support it. While the liberals promise high speed and can never deliver it. yes, the Builder is faster vs driving St Paul to Chicago, however, it is not faster going on to Indianapolis. if the Rail Traffic permitted it, pending on Freight Traffic and it would be fine if the Damn Fright Companies did not take out the Double tracks. if the tracks was double, then it is possibles that it could go from St Paul to Chicago in 7 hours including Stopping at stations alone the way. mean-while it takes for ever going from Chicago to Indianapolis. The Tracks goes down the old route,US 41 and US 52. and one track left, with sidings, other lines long gone after the Penn Center disaster. It takes 5 offal hours.
    Absolutely Ridiculous.
    Am I for Hi Speed Amtrak? sure, why not? how can we convince that less Security hassle vs at the Stupid Airports?
    Okay fine. If I see this fast Amtrak in my life time I will be amaze. meanwhile. when I go down and visit people in Indianapolis from St Paul/Minneapolis, I will drive. 2 stops about 10 hours going the speed limit, or keep it under 70 mph. or a fool of taffic @2.80 gallon and it takes 14 gallons to fill up, that makes it. about $39 and if 32 mpg 548 miles. and then having a car locally,. as in most cities, the transit sucks.making that $78 RT and 1,096 miles, so a little more then 2 Tanks worth. does it cost driving other then fuel, of course it does, that is just common sense. then no hassle renting a car in Indianapolis as it gets to that city at Midnight and the stupid airport is already closed, making you stuck with out a car. I love Trains. and love the Ideal of High Speed Amtrak.
    The problem is that local Transit sucks after Rush hour. if any decent transit to begin with. and watching a bunch of lazy freaks that have to get off after one block. sure if it is a Sr and or Handicap of course. but, for one lazy business person freak? then those damn conservatives own the Train to themselves. and they don’t care about chats from other people loving the train. but, hay, those are the same freaks that talk against the fast speed Amtrak, when they are the cause of last minute delays. so, go figure.

  2. Mark Douglas says:

    In my well-traveled opinion, having traveled by Greyhound, AmTrak, and a variety of airlines, as well as by my own car or truck and RV, The best bet is to cover the short and medium distances that actually beat airlines, downtown to downtown.
    With their success, then consider the long distance routes with the highest possible speed.
    I have always been an AmTrak fan with over 10,000 logged miles, including a “round the US” train vacation.

  3. Mark Douglas says:

    Adding to my comment — The rental car agencies need to AT THE VERY LEAST leave a dedicated phone line for business people debarking who cannot find even a reference phone number, much less personal service.
    I believe with rental car focus on train stations, more business folks will travel by rail.

  4. Peter Smith says:

    just give me conventional rail – a real substitute for air travel, and i and most people will be very very happy.

  5. LoboSolo says:

    I’m with you Peter … more bang for the buck. I think the NEC has enough rail lines … let’s “share the wealth” and get the rest of the country better connected.

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