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Study shows how high-speed rail would boost Wisconsin’s economy – BizTimes

A new WISPIRG study shows that high-speed rail can boost our economy, save energy, curb pollution and provide a popular alternative to congested roads and airports. Drawing lessons from other countries that have already invested in high-speed rail, the new report details a number of examples from around the world that make a variety of cases for high-speed rail.

High-speed rail lines worldwide have proven to be critical parts of their nations’ transportation systems — offering alternatives to congested airports and roads and boosting the economy. In Europe, Japan and elsewhere, high-speed rail lines have created new links among cities and between people, links that are critical to the success of a 21st century “knowledge economy.” At the same time, high-speed rail lines are saving energy, protecting the environment, creating jobs, sparking economic growth, and delivering safe and reliable service.

Read it all here.

Study shows how high-speed rail would boost Wisconsin’s economy – BizTimes.

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