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Florida High-Speed Rail Faces Uncertain Destination

As I have said before, spending ANY federal rail dollars in Florida is a COMPLETE WASTE.

Florida High-Speed Rail Faces Uncertain Destination.

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  1. David Marcus says:

    While it may not be the most sensible place to have HSR, America clearly needs a proof of concept. I’d say most of us diehard HSR advocates have been on the trains somewhere else in the world and thought, “Why do they have it and we don’t?”. More Americans need that experience, before we can summon the political will to get going on the really effective but more expensive and long-term efforts.

  2. J. H. Sullivan says:

    Spending federal money on HSR in Florida is a waste, but spending money to improve service
    in Florida of conventional rail makes a lot of sense. We need to go forward with new service
    on the FEC and we need to restore the Sunset Limited, or a connection between Neworleans and
    Florida, and we need to restore the Palmetto at least to Jacksonville. Then we need to make all
    trains daily or more. I believe that this can be done for considerably less than HSR, but it will
    frequire some “free federal money” as URPA likes to put it. We need to quit spending so much on
    the NEC and improve service elsewhere. I tout Florida, but there are many other areas that suffer
    from good rail service, while the NEC gets much more than a lions share. The NEC blackhole needs
    to be cut loose from Amtrak and survive on it’s own.

  3. J.D. Hammond says:

    Can you explain why you’re so adamant that expanding the passenger rail infrastructure of the fourth most-populous state in the Union is “a waste”? You do realize that tens of millions of tourists visit Florida every year, right? And that no matter what patronizing language you might use about “Mickey and Minnie”, that this is one of their essential, core basic industries?

  4. patlynch says:

    See my response on the post regarding “canceling HSR is economic treason. Thanks,

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