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Canceling high-speed rail is economic treason – BizTimes

A little dose of economic reality. Do not expect facts or reason to have any impact on this decision.

Canceling high-speed rail is economic treason – BizTimes.

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3 Responses

  1. J.D. Hammond says:

    Can you explain why you’re so adamant that expanding the passenger rail infrastructure of the fourth most-populous state in the Union is “a waste”? You do realize that tens of millions of tourists visit Florida every year, right? And that no matter what patronizing language you might use about “Mickey and Minnie”, that this is one of their essential, core basic industries?

  2. patlynch says:

    Fair question, Mr. Hammond. Florida, a southern state, does not support transit. It will not provide the necessary connector services. The project is, more or less, a subsidy to a large entertainment and media company.

    I know that Mr. Sullivan will probably faint when he reads this, but I also believe that Florida’s inaction on restoring the east leg of the Sunset speaks a volume on its commitment to passenger rail.

    I will grant you that the highway congestion is terrible. I promise you that, with a Republican in control, it will get worse.


  3. J. H. Sullivan says:

    No Sullivan will not faint because it is pretty well accepted by us pro-rail folks, even though we don’t like it, that the SSL east of NO is dead on arrival, never to return, at least in my lifetime, and with the regime change, I seriously doubt that anything further will occur on the FEC either. Florida does not need HSR and if Mickey wants it, let him pay for it as far as I am concerned. If any, i.e. ANY federal money goes to Florida, it must be earmarked for the SSL and the FEC, nothing else makes any sense.

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