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He’s baaaaack!

Well, kinda’.

The real die-hard followers here, and I am glad you are one of those, know that this blog has been in a general state of disrepair for some time now. Part of this has to do with being somewhat overwhelmed by my classwork, and some new projects I have taken on this fall. There has also been a general sense of discouragement at the national mood and the seeming inability to do anything that might be good for regular people.

After Tuesday’s election, I had pretty much decided to be done with TFA, post a simple farewell message and leave the blog up as an information resource for others who might still be fighting in the far-flung outpost of America. Let me tell you, things are about to get bad for Amtrak, HSR, and many social programs that provide the very existence for many elderly, disabled, poor families, and veterans.

Sometime Wednesday afternoon, I began to consider things from a theological standpoint. Now, this blog is certainly not about religion and it never will be. Nonetheless, if we are Christians (as I am), every aspect of our life is influenced by faith. If the Kingdom of God is already among us, Christians must give a witness to what is right. That holds even when times are bad.

So I will be posting from time to time. Feel free to post comments. This is going to be very hard and the national Amtrak system is in very immediate and grave danger of severe cutbacks or even complete elimination. You all need to understand that, compared to the enormous suffering about to be inflicted upon millions of helpless people, what happens to a few passenger trains is not going to seem all that important.

Transportation represents an important aspect of the quality of life, especially in many small and medium towns. Will human beings live in dignity or be treated as cogs in a large machine? This is one area where it will be decided. It is a fight worth fighting.


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