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Milan-bound night train ends up in Zurich – Telegraph

Could never happen here.

Milan-bound night train ends up in Zurich – Telegraph.

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  1. J. H. Sullivan says:

    I don’t think I want to ride any of those European trains if, as is evidently the case, the Engineer does not know which route he is running on?

  2. FRANK says:

    Do NOT Misunderstand about me not being for High Speed Trains.

    It is a manner of NOT making enough sense. I am driving down to Indianapolis next month, and no thanks to the back-words not accepting the amount of time getting to Indianapolis from Chicago. i can drive down at the Speed Limit in about 10 hours with Stopping briefly.

    The real question. I being 53 this fall. are we going to see this TVG 180 mph France Train in my Life time? The answer is; Fat change.

    Reason being. it would cost Billions. under-passes and over passes. and too many Farm Roads between Towns and Cities.

    The Current Amtrak Speed Train is 79 mph. unless the Freight RR says otherwise. therefore, the BNSF in NM is down Grading from 89 mph to 59 mph. that is not progress. that is back-words thinking.

    The Freight Railway is being paid for 2 Trains Daily. I assure that they will not have fast Trains. and that being said, with a few Exceptions, maybe on the UP from SLC west and BNSF from Denver to Lincoln. the other area for High speed is the NE Corner.

    The old Pennsylvania Railway before disaster bailed out. started the High Speed -pre-Amtrak Train.

    August 23, 2010 11:56 a.m. CDT

    P.S. all I hear is that I am against. that is NOT the point. I am only going to what I am reading. and, therefore, the polls are NOT looking good.

  3. FRANK says:

    Excuse me. I am driving down to Indianapolis from St Paul in 10 hours.
    Even around Chicago, if one has the Toll pre-paid pass. and between Rush Hours, it is a acceptable drive. unless Construction which would screw up the timing.

    Like I said, St Paul to Chicago 6 hours with Stopping? Fat Change.
    Current Amtrak Builder is 8.5 hours, not bad, Breakfast and Lunch served. if one drove, it would take more then 8 hours to stop and have a decent mail vs, fast food garbage on the way.

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