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Robert L. Borosage: American Opinion: Rebuild America, Don’t Sack It

Campaign for America’s Future has the results of a public relations survey that debunks much of the current budget hysteria.

Robert L. Borosage: American Opinion: Rebuild America, Don’t Sack It.

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2 Responses

  1. F. WILLKIE says:

    Only those jerks that loves airplanes that have no clues on the post 911 Hassle. that must be perform, that it actually takes more then to be in the air. for example from the Twin Cities to Chicago. The big advantage on the Fast High Speed Train to Chicago is. those that HATE STUPID AIRPLANES. WHICH I DO. have other options. it has brief stops along the way. and get a-load of this. The way the fast world is working. Free High Speed Wireless Internet. sorry Stupid Airplanes suck. no such thing as Internet on Stupid Airplanes.Decent High Speed Trains in i.e. Europe and so on. I keep reading the anti Fast Amtrak Railway Excuse Attitude that fact. Europe Cities are closer together. so let the freaks Airplane Fans take their Stupid Airplanes and get jam into their sets.

  2. J. H. Sullivan says:

    Unfortunately too darn many of us think airplanes or cars are the only way to travel. I have run into dozens of folks, mostly under the age of 40 who are not even aware that in some places there is a choice. Otherwise, I agree with f. willkie completely. I only disagree on some points, mainly that we should not waste money on HSR until we get Amtrak up to it’s full potential. Unforunately the biggest enemy and roadblock to doing that is not the Borosages of the world, it is Amtrak itself, which for example, refuses to reinstate a train east of NewOrleans, but lacks the guts to officially discontinue it with a 180 day notice.

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