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NJ TRANSIT GOES ALONE: 2 sets of rail tunnels faulted | | Asbury Park Press

This is big stuff for Amtrak, which would share the tunnels with NJT under proposals offered by some rail advocates. This is a complex and expensive project and billions of federal dollars are involved.

via NJ TRANSIT GOES ALONE: 2 sets of rail tunnels faulted | | Asbury Park Press.

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  1. F. WILLKIE says:

    Sure. People commute to both Philadelphia and New York from the Burbs of NJ. Conservative cut,cut, cut, cut, cut backs and to nag about the service. you can’t fixed the systems when the jobs were cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut., cut.

  2. F. WILLKIE says:

    Don’t forget, that it has been nearly 40 years sense Amtrak was Created. Tunnels and Tracks needs repairs. but, it does take Millions. and it does not get less expensive. when the Conservative wants everything for themselves. you can’t take a stupid airplane to the bubs of New York in Jersy

  3. F. WILLKIE says:

    If the Conservatives was not so anti Amtrak and other Rail Transit and cut, cut, cut, cut, cut jobs. then Traveling would be easier for everyone.

  4. F. WILLKIE says:

    Sense 09-11 about 9 years + 1 month ago. Tunnels into NY from the NJ Burbs must be Inspected.

  5. F. WILLKIE says:

    I wonder how the Railway Tunnel to the WTC (Ground Zero) did not fall down on 09-11.

  6. faza says:


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