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CAF kicks off Amtrak fleet renewal program – RailwayAge Magazine

Amtrak’s long-awaited fleet renewal program finally got under way late Friday, July 24, when the railroad awarded a five-year, $298.1 million contract to CAF USA for 130 new single-level “Viewliner 2” passenger railcars to support long-distance train services. The order, the first for passenger cars since the Acela Express program of the mid-1990s, includes 25 sleeping cars, 25 diners, 55 baggage cars, and 25 baggage/crew dormitory cars. The first car is scheduled to roll out of CAF USA’s Elmira Heights, N.Y., assembly plant in October 2012.

via CAF kicks off Amtrak fleet renewal program – RailwayAge Magazine.

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  1. F. WILLKIE says:

    Hay Conservatives. us Train Lovers and Train Buffs will continue getting our way on Traveling by Amtrak. not everyone goes on a Stupid Airplane. I have taken the over night Amtrak how many times, and by the way, it is Downtown to Downtown. No Stupid Airport hassle. and Amtrak has had and can get Amtrak Marshals for their Security. Security has Improved. but no hustled like.
    Just Behaved and obey the No Smoking and Respect other Passenger and Clew Members. then everyone gets to where they are going normally on time. and by the way. Thanks to Mr. Obama. Amtrak has been more on time.

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