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American railways: High-speed railroading | The Economist

via American railways: High-speed railroading | The Economist.

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  1. FRANK says:

    It is about time that we have other ways to Travel vs the Stupid Boring Nerd and Rude Airline Employees.

    However, where do we build the High Speed Lines? I mean we have I-94, I-90 option between the Twin Cities and Chicago. and a bunch of 2 lane highways, farm land and small towns.

    We should of had this High Speed Lines Post War 2.

    So here we are about 9 years Post 911, and we still don’t have enough Amtrak Service to go around. and Train Cars getting old and needing repairs or replace. We don’t have enough have Sleeping Cars to go around.

    We have needed a 2nd Train from St Paul to Chicago for years and perhaps an over night Train. Thinking that the CAN PAC Rail will Cooperate. and as indicated we don’t have enough Sleeping Cars to go around.

    We also need to bring back the Broadway Limited, but, there is not enough day time to make it in one day from Chicago to New York, via Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. (Direct Route, by Passing Toledo and Cleveland. what is the big deal, no service to Columbus and besides the Station is long gone with their Convention being their. It makes me wonder if the CSX has too much Freight Traffic, and also needs Triple Tracks.

    Nixon got Amtrak Started Nov 1 1970 and Cooperation, May 1 1971.
    However, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr, did anything to get rid of Amtrak. Bush Sr and the older Man that Ran Amtrak until his passing away, got along well. Bush Jr. fired the Amtrak President that tried to bring it back to life.

    With Post 9111 Airport Security becoming more of a hassle, now mind it, they must do their Job. that is besides my point. there is not enough Checking points open, such at the Minneapolis Airport.
    Wasting time at the Stupid Airport, walking about a Mile or more from the Light Rail Train to your Gate. for a one hour flight to Chicago if not more, perhaps SW Airline is at the Humphrey Airport.

    It is still 410 Miles from Union Station St Paul to Union Station Chicago, and a long Fright Rail Yard to go through before leaving the City. The Amtrak Builder does the Route in about 8 hours or so, give & take.

    If one drives to Chicago, Fuel is around $2.60-$2.75 a Gallon.
    It would take 7 hours including a needed rest stop, you shall get my point.

    Perhaps still in the Burbs, and drive to the Metro Rail to Downtown.
    or near the Airport, with a free Van Ride and then the Train with Stops to downtown. but cheep fair.

    Chicago Traffic is a Nightmare, Parking is very Expensive, and not sure how Safe, either, or or both. Miner Accidents. or worst, again, you shall get my point.

    What a dream, the Post Office finally getting kick out of Union Station after about 39 years.

    May 02, 1971 Union Station St Paul Closed, and no Amtrak Service was offer their, then one day, Restaurant went into Union Station. Offices, Sky-way enter to the rest of downtown. and for what wired reason Condo way to small. and not made for People in their Wheel Chairs. It would had been better off as Apartments by the month, and furnish, so extended Hotel stay.

    I am for High Speed Trains, Trust me. at the same time, we are not in Europe, i.e. France.

    The Question is if in my life time, and when will get approve and build, what is the Budget?

    And how long will it take to start running?

    Service to Milwaukee, Chicago, Omaha and Kansas City being the closet to the Twin Cities.


  2. Larry J. Raid says:

    Quaint Train International Educational Center, inc.
    333 Park Avenue
    Denmark, Iowa USA “The Center of the World”
    March 2, 2012

    Hi Frank,

    With a lot of interest in High-Speed Railroading, I would like to explain, why we need to implement them and where.

    I have my own #328, Diesel, Mechanical, 0 – 6 – 0, switcher on my own short line railroad, which is the Sun Dance and Southern Railroad. This is a standard Gauge, 30 tonner, with a century old, Red, wood, Cupola End, ex. Great Northern, caboose, is behind the switcher. There is 450 feet of track and 400 feet on the siding.

    When you come here, you will become the Engineer on this short line railroad, The Sun Dance and Southern Railroad.

    Please contact me, if you are interested.

    Quaint Train International Educational Center, Inc.

    Larry J. Raid, President
    333 Park Avenue
    Denmark, Iowa 52624 USA

    319 – 528 – 6151 Home Phone
    319 – 371 – 5063 Cell Phone

    Five books are being written about High-Speed Railroading, Ultra-High-Speed Railroading and QuadRail Railroading at the present time, and then there are three more books in the WINGS to finish.

    We, the USA, need to build 30,918 miles of an All-New, All-Self-Contained, All-Elevated, Four Track, Standard Gauge, High-Speed Railroad system implemented it, “In the Next Five Years,” in the USA.

    These three High-Speed Railroad Systems will be going to 119 Major Destinations in the USA, and they will be connecting US, the USA with Mexico, Central America and South America and crossing in the, New-to-be-Bored, Bering Strait Tunnels, where it will blend in with Asia’s, NEW Plans for High-Speed Railroading, and continue on west into Europe and cross the New-to-be-Built, Gibraltar Strait Bridge, where it will connect up with the continent of Africa, and use these three High-Speed Railroading Plans.

    So, YOU can take any one of these three, different High-Speed Trains from the Southern Tip of Africa to the Southern Tip of South America.

    All of these High-Speed Railroad Trains will be traveling at 250 miles per hour, and powered with FREE FUEL.

    Both of these Standard Gauge Tracks of the Ultra-High-Speed Trains will be traveling at 400 miles per hour, and these Ultra-High-Speed Trains will be for Passenger Service ONLY.

    The QuadRail Railroad will; be build at the SAME TIME, and on the SAME Right-of-Way, but not using the other’s rails, and they will be operating at 200 miles per hour, on two sets of Standard Tracks for each, and under each QuadRail Car/Train. These QuadRail Railroad Passenger Trains will be for large number of passengers, and the QuadRail Railroad Freight Trains will be for large, bulky or wide products.

    Japan has been operating up to 250 miles for the past 48 years, and they carry 61,000,000 passengers per day, while our Amtrak carried 34,000,000 passengers per year. 61M/day vs. 34M/year.

    But, the biggest thing is, “You and I Have One and Only One Major Problem.” it is the Same Major Problem, which every Citizen on the Face of Mother Earth has, and all of the Governments are trying to keep it a SECRET from you and ME. “What is this Major Problem?”

    Have they done a good job of keeping it a SECRET from you, also?

    The local newspapers keep having articles, saying, “We will be Out of Crude Oil and Natural Gas by 2020.”

    Subtract nine from 2020. “We Are Out of Crude Oil and Natural Gas.”

    The cost to build the rolling stock, build all of the Depots, and Freight Terminals, rolling all of the rail and implement all of this, “In Just Nine Years,” this will create, “The World’s Largest Economic BOOM Ever Created on the Face of Mother Earth.”

    Please contact me, if you are interested in learning more, being the Engineer on the #348, here in IOWA, Denmark, Iowa, USA.

    Thanks for your continued interest in High-Speed Railroading, and more.


    There is so much more to talk with you about all of this.

    When I shook hands with our present President, when he was campaigning, He said, “Hi Larry! How can I help you?”

    I said, “We need 30,812 miles of an All-New, All-Self-Contained, Four Track, Elevated, High-Speed Railroad, with two tracks for Passenger Service and two Tracks for Freight Service, with each train going 250 miles per hour and all with be powered with FREE FUEL, and we need to implement the Ultra-High-Speed Railroad,” and I filled him on the QuadRail Railroad, also, and He said, “LARRY! We don’t need any of these High-Speed Railroads! Hi! Charlie! How are your M Plants growing?” And, He pats Charlie on the back and walks off with Charlie, talking with Charlie.

    There are over 6000 railroading plans on the table at the present time, but they are all for going from (MY) town over to that town, and none of them are connected together.


    Larry J. Raid

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